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X-Ray Equipment

economy medialilluminator

Economical Medical Illuminators

Wall hanging - 2 bulbs per panel


PH 95 - Single 14" x 17" $150.00
PH 952 - Two Panel (see image to the right) $310.00
PH 953 - Three Panel $435.00
PH 954 - Four Panel $590.00
Features: All steel construction, high luster white powder coat finish, one-piece Plexiglas viewing panel, 115V AC power supply standard, 230V available and tool-free removable panel for quick access to lamps.


Chiropractic Illuminators - Full Spine Illuminators

Wall hanging - bulbs vary per model


CH 1436B2 - 14" x 36" Two Bulbs $320.00
CH14362B2 - Side-by-Side Two Bulbs per Panel $581.00
Features: Will accommodate all kinds of x-rays, supplied with either two or four 30w fluorescent bulbs, trigger start switch and 5 ft. grounded line cord.

konica srx101a
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Konica SRX-101A

The SRX-101A tabletop processor offers variable speeds which can be set from within the processor. This allows you to choose the optimum speed to match your processing needs.
Features: The Konica SRX-101A processor produces high quality radiographs with easy operation and is the ideal choice for imaging sites, diagnostic centers and private practice offices. The SRX-101A processor is perfect for reliable low volume applications, especially where space is at a premium. The compact design of the SRX-101A saves valuable space and incorporates an automatic standby with jog cycle for conserving water and energy. State-of-the-art technology stabilizes developer and dryer temperatures. It also offers automatic replenishment

The utilization of computer controlled production machinery and the advanced technological knowledge and computer aided design programs with the use of a fully interactive computer network with Internet access, guarantees the cutting-edge products you need and expect.

Description: X-ray Equipment, Medical Illuminators, Chiropractic Full Spine Illuminators, Konica SRX-101A and Viewboxes.

All prices on are subject to change without notice. Please call us for up-to-the-minute chiropractic product availability.