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Lloyd Intersegmental/Roller Tables is proud to add Lloyd's new Intersegmental and Roller Tables to our large inventory of Chiropractic tables and supply. Call us today (1-800-553-0057) for more information and to order!

NEW! Lloyd Cosmic IV

Table Specifications:

Height - 25"
Length - 72.5"
Width - 22"
Table Wt (approx) - 175 lbs.
Shipping Wt (approx) - 220 lbs.

Standard Features:

Clockwise & Counter-clockwise Roller Action
Raise/Lower Rollers up to 4" by 1/10"
Roller Travel up to 24"
0-30 Minute Timer
Automatic Roller Process
Digital Electronics
NEW! Bluetooth wireless Hand Control

A Lloyd Intersegmental/Roller Table for sale by Consignment Sales Corporation in Iowa
Base Price: from $2,895.00
Optional 25" Wide Table - $170.00