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Welcome to, the online solution for healthcare individuals and businesses to find, compare and buy chiropractic equipment - new and reconditioned chiropractic tables, benches, portables, and accessories.


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Omni Total Drop Elevation

Features: Extra firm 10 lb. rebond foam, pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and cervical drops, elevating chest, elevating pelvic, elevating/extending foot section and translating cervical. Height 21" - 33". Options available: Heritage upholstery, elevated chest drop and optional height of 18" - 30"

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Thomas Heritage 10 - Intermittent Segmental Traction Table

The table has a built in foam pad, which replaces the old-fashioned loose table top pad that slips and slides around on the patients. Your patients will relax and feel more comfortable on our extra wide 24-inch table. The table features 8 rollers with variable speed vibration down a 24-inch track to deliver a gentle relaxing massage with a Spring Loaded Carriage that contours the spine. This versatile table is also perfect for exams and therapy!

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Axial Trac™ Hybrid Chiropractic Table

The Axial Trac™ chiropractic table combines variable amounts of long axis (axial) traction with each flexion stroke. The hallmark of Axial Trac™ is a sliding upper pelvic section that is mechanically forced into distraction as the table is flexed. The traction handle is fixed to a non-sliding portion of the pelvic section so it does not move away from the doctor. Click here for more information!

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MT Tables Legacy 500 and Legacy 501 Intersegmental Traction Table

With unmatched quality and workmanship, the Legacy–500 is vastly becoming the industry leader. This table is specially designed to accommodate all body types and sizes. With two more inches of spinal travel than most, and three massive eight-inch wide massage rollers (the largest in the industry), this Intersegmental Traction Table (IST) will exceed all expectations. Click here for more information and to order!

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Just Added! New chiropractic tables and products for your healthcare needs are being added to the web site weekly. Here are a few of the new additions to our web site:

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New! Zenith Auto-Cocking Air Drop Hylo Tables also specializes in re-manufacturing and servicing of chiropractic tables. Our factory trained personnel has over 30 years of service in the chiropractic industry. We inventory over $600,000 in parts and tables. Let adjust your chiropractic table to factory specifications.

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Don't see something you're looking for? Give a call! Our toll-free number is a resource that will amaze you! specializes in selling tables from Lloyd, Zenith, Omni, Thomas, US Tables, F & B Intersegmental, Axial Trac™ and Elite. We are the largest distributor of Lloyd and Omni chiropractic tables. We also specialize in consignment chiropractic tables, healthcare chiropractic tables and reconditioned chiropractic tables (including chiropractic drop tables, biophysics chiropractic tables, chiropractic IST tables). Call us today to trade your existing chiropractic table in for a new model!